Run Our Logo On Your Cars, Save 15% On Every Order!

We are happy to announce that we are now offering a way for our supporters to save even more money on our website than ever before, now you can run our logo on your cars in the primary location, send us a few pictures of our logos on your cars and you can get 15% off every order on individual setup packs!


  • Be Respectful To Other Drivers On And Off Track At All Times While Representing Our Company.
  • Race Other Drivers and Setup shops Clean, no squeezing, intent wrecking, etc.  
  • Follow Our Rules when using brand Logos to make sure that such brand assets appear clean.


  • Use The PRS Brand In A Way That Implies Partnership, Sponsorship Or Endorsement.
  • Use PRS Brand, Logos, Etc. On Merchandise Or Other Products Such As T-Shirts, Hats, Etc Without Written Consent.
  • Combine Any Part Of The PRS Brand With Your Team Name, Personal Name, Marks Or Generic Terms.
  • Use PRS Brand In A Way That Imitates Or Could Be Confused With Official PRS Property.
  • Present PRS In A Way That Makes It The Most Distinctive Or Prominent Feature Of What You Are Creating.
Can I Place PRS Logos On My Cars?
If you’d like to help promote our brand, you can place the PRS logo on your cars as long as you are in compliance with our rules.

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