How To Install Setup Pack:
Step #1: Unzip the .ZIP file so that its either a normal folder or .STO format.
Step #2: Go To The Documents Folder Then iRacing Then Setups Folder.
Step #3: Search Through The Setups Folder For The Car Name Then Drag The Setups Into That Folder.
Step #4: Open Up iRacing And Verify The Setups Show Up.

How To Use .olap and .blap Files:
Step #1: Go To The Documents Folder Then iRacing Then Lap Files Then Drag Both Of The Files Into That Folder.
These Lap Files Allow You To Ghost Race The Coach In Real Time While You Are Testing Offline.

What Are The .olap And .blap Files For?
The .olap And .blap Are Lap Files That Allow You To Race Against The Coach In Real Time In The Testing Mode. This Is Extremely Helpful
And Allows You To Watch The Coach From Your In-Car To See Exactly How They Take The Corner, Brake And Much More!

How Often Are Ultimate Setup Guides Updated?
Each of our ultimate setup guides are updated when there is an update released to the public that has changed car setups.
If you buy any guides from us you get free updates sent to you via email for 6 months from the date you purchased it, after the 6 month period is up you can request the updated guide at anytime by emailing us and paying 25% of the guide cost! 

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